Monday, May 17, 2010

Pin it!

A friend of mine just pointed me to this website, which I had not known about before: an interactive map of cycling problems in Ottawa. And of course, I've already commented (being pretty happy that someone else thinks the left turn off Bank onto Wilton, just north of the Lansdowne Bridge, is a disaster waiting to happen.) I'm not sure how long this site's been up, but it's already festooned with those little teardrop-shaped pins you can click for details. Worth a few clicks, just to get an idea of the common problems that keep cropping up.

And it's encouraging me to get my gallery of Bike Lane Fail pulled together.

And while you're getting into the forum spirit, check out the Cycling Debate Forum hosted by Ottawa Citizen writer Kenneth Gray. I know I'm a little scared to read the comments, because these kinds of online forums always attract those murderous, scary drivers who say things like, "damn road warrior cyclists should stay the hell off the city streets, the roads are for cars, I'm not moving over for some guy on a bike." I once actually saw a Facebook group with the slogan "I don't care how far to the side you are, my car is hard and I am not slowing down!"

But, straight back, chin up, don't let them know you're afraid, into the comments we go! Have your say! The NCC does read the Citizen...


  1. Hey there. I'm the author of . If you'd be willing, I would love to include your Bike Lane Fail gallery. Photos taken from cyclists is worth a lot more than stale Google Streetview photos.

    - Alex

  2. interactive map of rough spots. neat collaboration idea.

  3. @ Alex... when I get my Bike Lane Fail gallery together I will absolutely send it your way! And I'll keep my eye out for problems, too. Almost stopped at the Queen Elizabeth crossing this afternoon to get a shot but didn't think of it in time to get the right angle. Maybe tomorrow. . .