Friday, May 28, 2010

Holy pink!

Spotted this picture out on the airwaves this afternoon - Jenn Farr from World Naked Bike Ride Ottawa apparently just picked this new ride up and then proceeded to flock it with glitter.

I sort of want to track her down and tell her about the bejeweled inner tube caps my friend Luna was sent by friends in the UK - now proudly going round and round on the tires of her bike, "Bikey."

Mike, I know, would never forgive me for going at him with gallons of pink glitter. But then, that's just the way Mike is. He likes to think of himself as a guy's guy. But I do have to stop and admire bikes that are so clearly an extension of the rider's style. I paused to tell an elegant older lady with a cream-coloured cruiser (graceful, large, with chocolate brown curly vine patterns on the tubes) how much I liked her bike the other day - even as I was locking up my own battered, dark-blue mountain bike next to hers, mismatched pedal arms and all. Not that I want to own one of those cruisers. Wouldn't get me most of the places I want to go. But they're so lovely, and they're so urbane.

And this one with the pink glitter and streamers makes me smile. I particularly like the spots on the fender. Jenn's doing an informal DIY Handlebar Streamers workshop on Sunday, incidentally, at the corner of Louisa and Booth.


  1. that's lovely!

    a handlebar streamers workshop! woo. hope I can make it!

  2. 10:30-3:30, sez the announcement... think it's a drop-in-anytime sort of thing. (hope so... cause you want to hit Ravenswing DIY Fair at Minto Park too, you know you do... :-)