Friday, September 6, 2019

A Friday Evening on Laurier, or, Hey Uber Customers, Can You Not?

Leaving the Centretown Buzz office at Gloucester and Bank this evening, I encountered a rather impressive display of Laurier By Night. First, there was the guy who thought it would be just fine to go the wrong way up Gloucester for half a block, but wasn't banking on the cop parked at the corner who just walked out in front of him, blocked him, and turned him around. Then, there were two (probably) Uber drivers making full use of their Four-Way Flasher Freedom on Laurier. Good times.

Really, this is something I would love to have catch on as part of Uber etiquette: I personally might never make use of ride apps like Uber and Lyft, but it would be terrific if those who do could give some thought to where the driver will wait for them. Laurier is bad: the two spots where the drivers are parked in this video are particularly common. If you're using Uber, arrange to meet your driver in a nearby parking lot, or on a side street, not on Laurier. Ask them to wait for you where they won't be blocking traffic. You can do that.