Monday, December 14, 2015

A conversation on the new Belfast bike path

I imagine it might have gone something like this. . .

"The plans say there should be a bike path along this new road."

"Okay, bike lanes are easy, just pave it up to the raised curb and paint a centre line, eh?"

"Shit, guys, there's a manhole right where the curb's supposed to go!"

"Dangit . . ."

"Right. nice work dealing with that manhole cover problem, guys. The rest of this path should be fine, right?"



"This stabilizing wire thing. . . "

"Just run it into the asphalt, Jim! What's so hard about that? Jeez." 

"Kay. But we should probably make sure we paint the yellow line first, 'cause we won't be able to get the machine through after the wire goes in."

"Good thinking, Jim. It's problem solving skills like that we need in this town."