Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first piece on Spacing Ottawa!

I'm pretty chuffed: Spacing Ottawa just posted a piece I wrote about abandoned bikes. It was a followup to a short musing I posted here back in December, when I spotted a bike on the Mackenzie King Bridge that had clearly been sitting there since before the snow fell (and this year the snow really did just come down in a 'thwump' like a Terry Gilliam cartoon and stay there.)

I didn't really think, when I started this blog, that I would find so much to say about cycling. I didn't start out as a cycling activist or a 'bike geek' or anything like that: I started biking because it was a lot easier and cheaper and more convenient than taking the bus (and a great excuse to spend more of my day outside.) But it's shaped my interests, my causes, my convictions, in major ways, and it seems I keep finding more interesting things about biking, bike culture, biking infrastructure, and bike activism, the longer I do it.

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