Saturday, January 9, 2010


That's what it got down to today, counting in the wind chill - my record low cycling temperature! It was about -27 on my way to the rock gym about noon: I didn't really think for long about taking the bus. It's just faster and easier to bike. And then when I got back to my place tonight after an evening at a friend's, a little after midnight, it was -23 (so sayeth the Weather Network). I didn't notice till I was getting out my keys that some of my hair was sticking out above my collar, and it and the collar were white with frost from my breath, as was the strap on my helmet. It was actually pretty spectacular: I don't think I've seen anything like that since I was in high school and used to cross-country ski regularly with my parents.

Awesome. The crazy thing is that I wouldn't have thought, a few months ago, that I'd be out there once the mercury dropped this low. But it's actually not that bad, once you're out there and moving (and especially with my wool tights - a thousand thanks to my parents again for those!) In fact, coming up Heron toward my place I was actually working up a sweat - the only thing cold was my cheeks. It felt really good. Cold, dark, quiet, clean, the streets nearly empty, nothing but me and Mike whizzing along through the night.

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