Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving, by bike

Spacing Ottawa just forwarded this link to a blog I just recently discovered, You Are The Engine. They've posted some cool pictures of moving by bicycle, with a bike-powered Montreal moving company. Which reminds me, somewhere out there I have a picture from Momentum Magazine of someone moving a refrigerator by bike.

Never say "you can't do that with a bike." There's usually a way. Where there's the thigh power, that is.

And another short anecdote: I was buying my coffee this morning when the two ladies in line behind me said, "Oh, my ... you must be a biker." I turned around and said, "Yeah..." wondering how they could tell; my helmet was sitting on the bike, outside.

"Your jacket..."

Oh, yeah. Right. My jacket is a blue two-parter with an outer, semi-waterproof shell, and an internal fleece. The shell is brown with mud spatters right up to the nape of the neck. I was wearing my waterproof pants: they're greyish from the knees down. It was a damp, damp, slushy week last week. I know all too well what road salt tastes like. Fenders. One of these days I should get fenders.


  1. FENDERS. Yes very. though in the winter, they tend to get clogged with gunk if it gets very messy. Maybe something higher up above the tires might work better for that kind of environment?

    In the rain though, real fenders are definitely the way to go - when my clothes are mucky, it's almost always from just brushing against the chain/tires when locking up, never from splashing!

  2. Hiya Kate (and Mike!),

    Thanks for the tip on how to insert links!

    :) Gwen