Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sword of Damocles

When I woke up this morning it was chilly. There was a breeze coming in through my bedroom window that felt like September. The radio said something about temperatures in the single digits. Now, I know we've had a pretty good month or so, although I have to admit that July pretty much sucked, but it was still a little harsh to have to pull on the hoodie for my ride to work.

I refused to wear sneakers instead of my sandals, though. And yes, I still have pretty painted toes (see the post on style from earlier.) Although they were a little chilly coming down Alta Vista.

I spent part of my trip to work thinking about planning for fall. Getting gloves. Finding one of those dorky reflective straps to keep my pant legs from getting covered in chain grease. Wearing *shudder* shoes. (Aw, Kermit, do you have to talk about it?) Figuring out whether I have the guts to take Riverside Drive instead of the pathway once there's snow. Coming to the realization that my ears were starting to ache from the wind. Getting into autumn-biking mode.

But it's got its own appeal. The sun's bright in the fall, and the cooler air wakes you up. For the next month or so I'll be heading out in a jacket and coming home in a T-shirt, and arriving wherever I go much warmer than when I set off. And the ride will feel cleaner somehow, more bracing, less sludgy. The cooler air in your lungs feels like it's cleaning them out. And the real hammer's not going to fall for another month or so. . .

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