Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's true! I have proof!

Here you go, conclusive proof - BIXI's here in Ottawa! I was on my way downtown to pick up a Vrtucar this morning and came across this station at the corner of York and Dalhousie in the Market, right outside Pub 101. I had to stop and whip out the camera phone to get a couple of shots.

It seems to me that this idea is just perfect for tourists, and I really hope the city makes a point of letting visitors know they can do this. I imagine a future in which people show up in a Canadian city and the first thing they ask is, "So where's the bike share?" Where that's just a part of the plan. Where they have a stand like this right next to where the taxis line up in front of the hotels.

Apparently BIXI is a trial run in Ottawa, so spread the word - people need to use the service in order for it to stay here.

My other nifty sighting was last weekend, when I spotted a small school of Toronto's "Eco-Cabs" rounding a corner near the Distillery District. These are small, enclosed bike-powered taxis - a little like a Thai tuktuk or a rickshaw - that are apparently free in Toronto. They're sponsored by various companies, so the rides are free (although people often do tip the driver anyway.)

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