Friday, August 14, 2009

By way of introduction

Lately, I find myself talking about biking. A lot.

So much so, that I started having plans hatch in my mind for a zine about biking: nothing huge, just something I could contribute to on a regular basis, a side project, an outlet for my frequent commentary on what it's like to be someone who's woken up one morning to discover she's mutated into ... a cyclist. An enthusiast. Someone who does double-takes to ogle particularly lovely street bikes, and fondles bits of obscure gear in Mountain Equipment Co-op (okay, I already did that, only it was climbing gear: now it's toolkits, saddlebags, headlamps.)

This blog is step one, really. Assembling a zine takes more table space than I have, but posting stuff here, then selecting from it for the zine, that I think I can do! And creating a zine seems like I'd have to set up a time to do it. Whereas a blog is just... there.

And maybe I'll stop annoying everyone on Facebook with my forwarding of links about cycling to all and sundry.

So, without further ado: The Incidental Cyclist. Ta da!

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