Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stop and stare

Wow. Now some people might already know that I have an awe of parkour that very possibly borders on hero worship: I am only a moderate risk-taker and nowhere near ... um... springy enough to be able to pull off those moves. I've only once been able to manage a (really minor) dyno at the rock gym. But I have serious respect for people that can do it: and I think one of the things I really like about it is how it's about seeing all the possibilities of your environment, thinking in multiple dimensions. How it's about grace and play and power all at once, and how it becomes a mental as well as a physical discipline.

And then this evening I came across this video of Danny MacAskill in Edinburgh. I stopped, jaw-dropped, and watched it in total awestruck fascination. This is gorgeous. It's dancing with the city, on a bike.


  1. Seen it before, but it was worth watching again.

    Oddly, I was linked to it one a rock-climbing forum. Or, maybe, not so oddly.

  2. I've seen it before too, it makes the bike site rounds every so often. It's an amazing video. When he made that video, McAskill was moderately famous in the bike trials scene, but still working as a tech in his LBS. He still works as a tech in his LBS, but he's moved into a nicer apartment now, I think. He's a genuinely nice guy from what I've heard, and just insane at trials.

    btw, I love the phrase "Dancing with the city, on a bike" It describes the video just about perfectly.