Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ballad of Mike and Miss Scarlett

(with sincere apologies to "Trad.")

Confused? At some point I'll have to figure out how to link to The Adventures of Shelly and Miss Scarlett. There's a whole - odd - story. Miss Scarlett was introduced in this blog pretty early on... and suffice it to say that she and Mike had a brief romance, which ended when Miss Scarlett moved to Sackville, NB along with Shelly last year, and now Shelly has acquired a second bike, named Captain Butler. Cad.

When first I came to Elgin Street,
Some pleasure for to find,
It's there I spied a damsel fair,
Most pleasing to my mind;
Her fenders bright and single gear,
Like arrows pierced my breast,
They call her lovely Scarlett O,
The Lily of the West.

One day as I was looking
Thro’ Facebook’s picture trove,
I espied a Captain of high degree
Conversing with my love,
She sang a song delightful
While I was sore oppressed,
Saying "I bid adieu to Scarlett O,
The Lily of the West."

I rolled up on my two-inch tires
And knocked loose his kickstand,
And dragged him from my false love
And boldly bid him stand,
But being mad with desperation,
I swore I'd pierce his breast,
I was then deceived by Scarlett O,
The Lily of the West.

I then did stand my trial,
And boldly I did plead,
But this whole battle was fictional,
And that soon had me freed.
That beauty bright I did adore,
The judge did her address,
"Now go, you faithless Scarlett O,
The Lily of the West."

Now that I've gained my liberty,
A-roving I will go,
I'll ramble through old Overbrook,
And travel Westboro o'er;
Tho' she thought to swear my life away,
She still disturbs my rest,
I still must style her Scarlett O,
The Lily of the West.


  1. Very sad, the journey of Miss Scarlett and Mike. What a fitting eulogy to this mechanical romance.

  2. First love is always bittersweet.