Monday, February 17, 2014

A white bike with blue spots

It was a little slushy this weekend. A little salty. A bit, well, February-ish. And so now Mike looks like this:

Note that Mike is, technically, theoretically, dark blue. But suddenly this evening, in an email to my family, I realized: he's not a blue bike with white spots anymore. Now he's a white bike with blue spots!

Cue the childhood flashback:

And just to add to the fun of this trip down memory lane, here's Betty White reading it. You're welcome.


  1. There is nothing as neglected and abused as a winter bike. Unloved, not pampered in any way, apart from globs of stiff 5w30 and spurts of wd40. It's value is eclipsed by the 100 dollar studded tires that keep it going on black ice.

    Some time in late march - it gets thrown into a back yard corner - to be resurrected next remembrance day...

    My pampered summer bikes stay warm and dry, hybernating in my basement.

  2. Mike's about due for his spring pampering, actually... I ride him summer and winter, and in the spring I take him out to the shop and spend a possibly silly amount on getting him tuned up, sometimes entailing major component replacement. One of these days, maybe, I'll get a summer bike and condemn him to the back yard, but right now I actually only have the one bike. . .