Thursday, January 9, 2014


As I was leaving my apartment complex's recreation centre this evening, a man going by saw me unlocking my bike from a tree, putting it on the pavement and switching on the lights. "You still riding?" he asked.

"Well, yeah!" I answered.

"Seriously?" (He said, incredulously.)

"Definitely!" (I said, brightly.) "All year."

What I didn't say, and thought of about three seconds later:

No, in the winter I just take the bike out into the parking lot so it can pee.


  1. L. O. L. Seriously. (Literally, even. Because funniness.)

    1. Heh - glad you LOLed. I kinda did too, when I wrote it. Is that wrong?

    2. Part of what was funny, I think, was that I was thinking about bees and cleansing flights . . .

  2. I get this too when people see me wearing my helmet in the winter. I've promised myself that the next time someone asks me, I'll say "Noooo" scornfully, as if I thought it was crazy of them to suggest such a thing. (Ask a stupid question...)

  3. OK, that made me spit my coffee LOL - damn, better go check on mine in the shed - bet she's made a big mess!