Friday, July 20, 2012

Too much to ask for some people

Apparently, this is a bit too hard for some folks. 

 Construction's still ongoing at Billings Bridge. Generally, I don't have too much trouble there: cars let me take the lane, everyone's pretty polite. But this evening, I noticed as I was heading through the narrow, reduced-lane bit (in the middle of the lane, taking up space all legal and stuff) that the slightly elderly green car behind me was pretty close. I turned and looked back and the car was a couple of feet off my back tire. But whatever: he couldn't pass me, right?

Wrong. At the first small break in oncoming traffic, while still on the bridge, he pulled out into the oncoming lane (in a construction zone!) and gunned it past me, then swung back into the correct lane long enough to turn right onto Riverside. Other drivers honked: I made the "WTF?" gesture. (You know, that despairing-of-humanity, palm-to-the-sky kind of move.)

Should I point out that Billings Bridge is a grand total of 100m long?


  1. booo older green car driver, booo!

  2. It is certainly crazy on our streets. But I have to say, as an avid cyclist myself, I am often just as disgusted with the behavior of riders. Just the other day I was watching a rider blast through stop signs, red lights and all sorts of fun stuff only to actually kick a car when he tried to cross the street at a crosswalk while riding to avoid the light. lol Craziness abounds.

  3. People do dumb things on occasion. This was such an occasion. Hopefully the offender realized it was a stupid and careless act and won't do it again. Hopefully.

  4. helmet cameras. Hoping to pick up a Contour unit soon. It's only a matter of time before the footage becomes useful as evidence

  5. I'm not too worried about helmet laws as much as the periodic lunacy of suggesting that we bikers need to get licences and even insurance. You will know when the car culture really gets worried about us scary biker's when these idea's get throen about.