Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Slow news day?

I was walking down Elgin this afternoon and I spotted this headline in the Ottawa Sun box. I had to stop and take the picture.

"Bike-lane changes would strip motorists of stoplight rights!" it says, there, underneath the screaming "RED ALERT."

I had to laugh. And get annoyed. And shake my head. All in one. Which made me look very silly, I'm sure, standing there on the sidewalk. Actually, crouching so I could snap the photo of the box. Anyway, I posted the picture to Twitter, with a comment along the lines of "Seriously, Ottawa Sun? Those nasty bikes are going to take away our god-given right to turn right on red? OH NOES!"

I appear to have struck a nerve, anyway - quite a few retweets, most in agreement. One, apparently in favour of the headline, pointing out that the bike lanes are inside all right turns regardless of whether the light is red or green. (I still don't see the problem, as bikes have to stop on red too, but hey.) What really amazes me about this, and about the headline from yesterday saying that the new Laurier lanes are going to impede emergency vehicles (I also tweeted about that, with a similar amount of scoff) is that it's got to be a slow news week or something if the media is having to invent controversy over the lanes. Which open Sunday, and with luck these stories will fade into history once they do.

Please note: I'm not expecting the earth to move, the sun to go dark, or cars everywhere to raise their mechanical little voices in despairing screams on Sunday, either. I just expect to see more bikes inside the concrete barrier, once they remove the pylons.


  1. I had the same reaction at the convenience store. RED ALERT!

  2. The Stun, er Sun does tend towards sensationalist headlines. The one here in Toronto yesterday called the protesters in Quebec to the Royal visit "Whiners".

    As for the right turns and emergency vehicles, WTF. Drivers and cyclists just need to be using some common sense.

  3. People are so dumb on the road , it amazes me. I tried to cross a parking lot and buddy came out of nowhere , straight at me , not slowing down. I braced for the impact , thinking he better get me good on the first shot or he will be sorry, when suddenly he swerved and missed me. Dumb