Saturday, March 12, 2011


I left VERSeFest last night and found Mike locked up to the rail as usual... but with the right handlebar grip missing. Someone had gone by and just decided to - hyuk hyuk - pull it off.

Seriously. Who does that? I've learned not to leave the headlights on after losing them - twice - to someone who walked by and decided it would be hi-LARious to - hyuk hyuk - take them off and pocket them. So now I take them with me.

And I know that in fact, it would be way worse if someone decided - hyuk hyuk - to take off the saddle, which is also removeable.

But it's just insulting to have someone take something as petty as an aging, rubber handlebar grip. Leaving the handlebar beyond the grip shift bare and sticking out. Why do I feel like it would almost be better if what they took had some vague value? It would certainly be less senseless, or thoughtless. Not that I didn't need to replace the grips anyway but come on, people.

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