Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sharing (and caring?)

I just saw this commercial for the first time. Looked like your standard car commercial, till the last little bit, when I actually felt my conditioned cyclist-recognition-response kick in. And I think what also wins me about it is that there are two bike lanes on that street. Awwwww.

Okay, I'm sure there's a really cynical position I could take on this ad. But, I think I won't, for the simple reason that it's good to see a message like this - even if it might be ironic or manipulative or whatever - on the airwaves. The vast majority of car commercials show the cars zooming along on completely empty roads, where they never once have to encounter another moving thing. Isn't that going to, subconsciously, give you the idea that anything that causes you to slow down or divert course is some kind of affront? This commercial is like the opposite of that mentality. Bring it on. Bring on more like it.


  1. Yes - very nice video. But there was no fine print

    (professional bicyclists on closed course - do not attempt)

  2. Nice ad. I am with you, favourite new car commercial!