Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don Valley Update

More news on the sabotaged bike bridges in the Don Valley: the police are looking into it. (Thanks to my friend Frank for sending me this update, by the way.) Cyclists have taken down the damaged bridges and are watching the area - they think it's one particular person doing it, and it's ongoing: the same bridges were targeted last year.

I'm still trying to get my head around what would cause someone to do something like this: do they have some kind of grudge against cyclists using the trails, the way some drivers have a problem with cyclists using the roads? Do they just think this is funny? The fact that it's been going on for more than a year is disturbing: too methodical and deliberate to be a prank. What could they possibly be thinking?

Cyclists took this bridge down for safety reasons.

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  1. Similar things have been noted in the Gatineau Park on trails that are admittedly not legal for cyclists, but used by many cyclists and others including runners and hikers. On one particular trail we like to ride every Saturday morning, the saboteurs started by reorienting bridge logs to run parallel to the trail so that they would be difficult for bikes to ride. We reinforced that design change and continued to ride the trail and the bridge. After a few weeks, the saboteurs started removing the bridge logs and throwing them into the nearby creek. Every week we stopped riding and rebuilt the bridge. This battle went back and forth for months until the saboteurs finally threw the logs so far back into the woods that we could not find them, so now we hike over that creek. At least these kooks we dealt with did it in such a way that we could see the damage before crossing. This person in Toronto is just plain sick.