Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bike Song

My sister sent the link for this video to me today: unfortunately the link didn't work because I'm in Canada and "this video contains content that belongs to Sony Music Entertainment and is not available in your country."

Not one to be discouraged, I went off in search of the video somewhere else. I tried getting to YouTube via, which a friend helpfully pointed out to me as I complained to my sister (on Facebook) that I couldn't see the video. That also got me the same warning (but in German.) So, I Googled the keywords and found the video posted on another site entirely: which, lo and behold, also provided embed code. Take that, YouTube.

And it's true what my sister said, this is bike nerd cuteness. I post it here for the edification of my Canadian readership (who can't get the video on YouTube, probably because someone decided Canadians are pirates.) Here's a happy bike song for a Monday. Enjoy!

The Bike Song
Uploaded by rockohoward. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

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  1. is a free VPN client that from what I read in PCWorld magazine makes it look like you are surfing from this company's servers in Southern California. It even works on Macs! I haven't tried it myself so my mileage may vary.