Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Public Bike Lane Consultations

This here is a PSA: The City of Ottawa's holding a series of public discussions about the downtown segregated bike lane proposal, June 7, 8, 10, and 14. They're in various locations around town, usually around 6:30.

"The City of Ottawa has initiated a pilot project for the identification of an east-west downtown segregated bike facility within the area bounded by Elgin Street, Preston Street, the Ottawa River and Highway 417. The bicycle facility is intended to be installed for a minimum of one-year on the selected corridor and it is being planned to be maintained throughout the winter months. The intent of this undertaking is to develop a recommended plan to provide a safe, fully segregated bike facility that better connects cycling facilities through the downtown." 

I'll try and make it to one of these and report in! Next Monday, I think, in fact.

Oh, and happy Bike Month!


  1. That's wonderful, as long as they pick a decent route that goes all the way through and not jump one street to another.

    I would think that Albert & Slater aren't great options, although it could be on the opposite side from the transitway lane.

  2. Would you believe Albert is already (in theory) a "posted bike route"? The city's bike route map sends you blithely right down Albert - which is part of the Transitway, and which ends, if you're riding on the left side of the street, furthest from the buses, with the hapless cyclist on the yellow line heading for Lebreton Flats. Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy.

    I'm hoping for a lane down, say, O'Connor to keep traffic off Bank, and maybe something like Kent to run east-west. Wait, Kent is one-way. You could have a two-way bike lane, but I hate that counter-traffic thing that the Montreal bike lanes do. hmmmmm.....

  3. ...I'm an eejit: Kent is north/south too. I blame the late hour :-P