Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality. Ugh.

So the temperatures soared up to July-like levels last weekend... but this week it's raining, cold, and I swear I felt ice pellets in the wind this morning on my way to work. But how easily our brains get reset! A month or two ago I was content to pull on my woolies, double up my gloves, put a hat on under my helmet, and head on out. Now? Now I get up, throw on a T-shirt and my shell, shove my feet into sneakers, and step out the front door into wet cold wind, spitting rain, and regret. It used to be habit that I would pull my gloves out of their little cubby in my hall closet out of sheer habit: now, well... my hands were freezing, stiff, and pink by the time I got to work, because gloves just didn't occur to me before I got outside.

Oh well. It'll pass. And in the meanwhile there are still badass bikes like this one that I stumble upon as I'm shivering my way around town, and just have to stop and get pictures of. 

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  1. Got here via Blogawa.

    Have you been acquainted with the Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa? They (we) ride a lot of fun bikes, and are also the local distributors of Momentum magazine.