Monday, February 15, 2010

Outside the MEC

Spotted this bike a couple of weeks ago locked to the racks outside the MEC in Westboro. The note reads: "Please remove this bike if yours. We will have to remove the lock and recycle if not moved. Thanks."

Again: this is a not-half-bad bike. It's clearly been left locked there for long enough that the MEC staff have noticed and put this note (laminated, and written on both sides, so it will survive the weather and be noticed from any angle... all very helpful of them.) What happened to the owner? It's not a junker, and it's not like it was joyridden there by a bike thief - because it's locked up. So... what happened to the owner? Who forgets a bike? The seat's gone... stolen, or removed? Did the seat get stolen and the owner decided to write off the whole bike? Doesn't seem so likely though, does it?

Luckily, the folks at MEC can probably find a use for it, so it won't just rot away like most abandoned bikes.

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