Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mike Meets Ice

The temperature skidded downward while I was at work. I didn't really realize how much until I got out and onto the path, and didn't realize how treacherous the path was going to be until I started sliding around, and decided now was as good a time as any to figure out alternatives to my usual route.

Plus: not having to wait at a crowded snowy bus stop.
Minus: those first few minutes when your hands get really cold in your gloves.

Plus: the air being cold enough that you don't get slush all over your butt.
Minus: finding out that what was slush this morning is now glare ice.

Plus: discovering whole new routes between work and home.
Minus: having to figure out whole new routes between work and home.

Plus: getting to see your city from a whole bunch of new angles.
Minus: constantly second-guessing where you actually are.

Plus: still being out there in the fresh air.
Minus: shoulder tension from trying to maintain balance on patches of ice.

Plus: your inner superhero factor goes up by a few points.
Minus: your risk of injury also goes up by a few points.

Minus: having to take Alta Vista, which is a couple of miles of uphill grade.
Plus: working up enough of a sweat as a result that your fingers aren't cold anymore.

Plus: zipping past slowed up traffic in the bike lane.
Minus: the bike lane being where the ice lives.

Plus: playing leapfrog with the #8 bus.
Minus: playing leapfrog with the #8 bus.

Minus: not seeing the patches of slush till you hit them.
Plus: seeing your breath when you pull up at a light.



  1. You are so punk rock. I put Miss Scarlett away for the season. Miss her already. Give Mike a pop-a-wheelie from Miss Scarlett. She's smitten by his cowboy escapades.

  2. PS - I just went and bought Miss Scarlett some headlights. Just in case she decides to cowboy-up one of these early winter evenings.