Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sheer awesome

Someone in Toronto has run up and down a stretch of particularly heinous pavement with purple paint and splashed words like "OOF!" "YOWCH!" and "YIPE!" to mark all the worst bits.

Sheer wonderful. I wish someone would do this on my home street (which I've dubbed The Pothole House of Horrors) or on some of the more gruesome sections of Bank St. running through the Glebe. I bow before the arch wit, the succinctness, and the humour of this unknown vigilante onomatopoeist! Long may your tires remain unbent!


  1. ... thought you might! I particularly like how the Torontoist article I linked to ends:

    "In a statement passed on to Torontoist, a member of the Squad who identified themselves as Saddletramp explained:

    The action-hero drama of dodging obstacles and potholes, escaping devil-may-care drivers in super-fast cars, and braving the fierce, temperamental elements, may seem, and feel, quite comic. Unless you're face-down on the pavement. With some wit, we endeavour to provide warning with humour; suggest danger with comedy; invite caution without frightening...and most importantly, we appeal to our fine city to remember that potholes aren't just uncomfortable, they really, really hurt."

    Clap clap clap clap.

    It's the "clap clap clap clap" that totally wins me.