Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fossil Fools Day

I got a message from Critical Mass today - tomorrow is apparently Fossil Fools Day - a day of action against the fossil fuel dependency of the world. And while Critical Mass usually rides on the last Friday of the month, they're having a ride tomorrow to celebrate. Hm... and I don't have any other plans that afternoon...

I've never ridden with Critical Mass before - somehow it always slips my mind, although a friend of mine has suggested we join them a couple of times. We both promptly forget. They meet on the last Friday, usually, at Confederation Park, at 5:45, and the ride leaves at 6:00. I've seen them before, pedaling along merrily taking up road space, waving at the drivers, who generally don't seem too pissed off by it: more bemused than anything else.

Maybe this is a good excuse to go check it out. I'll report back.

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