Thursday, August 19, 2010


What word better sums up the image of a happy and contented Ottawa than that? Really! The sun is shining, it's late summer, there's a looming but yet still oddly distant mayoral race coming on, and someone, somewhere, is having a public consultation. All's well in the nation's capital.

But sarcasm aside, I did go and fill out this survey, on the City of Ottawa website. If you live here, you should too. They're looking for input from cyclists for an evaluation of cycling safety in the city. Really, I don't actually have that many complaints: not anything that the City can do much about, at any rate. But I did go, and sign in, and include my $0.02 (mostly about the Queen Elizabeth/Colonel By pedestrian and cyclist crossings). If nothing else, the number of people that fill in this survey will give the city a better idea of how many of us are out there.

Good news, too: they're aware of Ottawa Biking Problems, which is a well-nigh overwhelming compendium of cyclists' trouble spots, as well as being a discussion forum. So when you've filled in your survey, cruise on over there and see if you can add to the brainstorming.

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  1. Zlatko Krstulich, the newest cycling transportation planner at the City (and who is a new person, not simply replacing someone who left), was president of Citizens for Safe Cycling until he was hired by the City. is run by Alex DeVries, another CfSC member.

    As much as we like to criticize, cycling in Ottawa is much easier than it was when CfSC was formed in 1984, with many thanks to former and existing CfSC members. (I am a former President of CfSC myself, 2005-2008)